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Community Care


​Our church is always looking at ways to respond to the needs of our members and of the wider community. In the past we have responded to meet some of the needs of refugees in our community as they struggled to get established in Australian community.


We regularly contribute food parcels to the Cranbourne Information and Support Service, which provides for the needs of people in the Hampton Park area. Where we are able to meet genuine needs, we will do what we can.


If we are not resourced or suitably qualified to help we will assist people in connecting with the right agency who can offer the support needed. We assist other churches in caring for the homeless through the provision of meals as part of a support network.



Pastoral Care


​At Hampton Park Baptist Church we support our Pastor, Church leaders, team leaders and volunteers and we nurture friendship and warmth between all our church family, new members, and visitors.


We believe that all members have a responsibility to look out for and care for each other. However at times and for many reasons life can be tough so support from your church pastoral care team is sometimes needed.Our Pastoral Care Team works to provide spiritual and friendly support and care to all our church family members and friends of our church.


Through prayerful discernment our pastoral carers offer non-judgemental, sympathetic, and encouraging support, always adhering to strictest confidentiality and genuine care for each person.


If you have a particular need please communicate it directly to one of the leaders or Pastoral carers if you can. You can also leave a prayer request in the pastors box near the exit to the main auditorium.

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