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Small Groups

There are a number of small groups happening at different times of the week for different groups of people.


The style of the small groups varies with the people in each group and you might like to sit in on a few of them to find one that you like.  We strongly encourage you to be part of one of the following small groups.

Adult Small Groups

Adult small groups are the best way to experience real community as you meet together with people just like you, to learn from the Bible and make friends in relaxed group settings.


Small groups are a great place to ask questions or to share your story so people get to know you better.


This is the place where people come together, talk about life, study the Bible, worship, pray and grow together.  

Youth Bible Studies

Our youth meet every second week in the purple room during the Sunday service. The studies address relevant issues and provide opportunity to discuss things with their peers in an open and caring environment.

Other youth activities for the year are planned to work in with school terms and exams.


We look for the support of the parents of our youth when it comes to arranging transport and providing support for social activities.



Community Bible Study


Community Bible Study International (CBSI) meets on Tuesday night at HPBC during school terms at 7:30pm. CBSI provides in depth bible studies for all age groups. People from other churches join with HPBC people to participate in the CBSI bible studies and small groups.


If you are looking for a bible study commitment at a deeper level that involves a bit more study from you then join one of the CBSI study groups.



Leanne or Warren Van Damme at 0418 211 551. 

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